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The Prefecture of Kavala is for the tourist, a pole of attraction for its 2,500 years of history, the harmonious coexistence of modern with the old, the combination of the mountain with the sea, the varied cultural events, which are held in modern and ancient theaters and the chances for several excursions to such places as in the nearby bright green island of Thassos and the archaeological area of Filippi.

With the new administrative divisions the Prefectures of Kavala and Drama compose Eastern Macedonia and belong to the region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace.
Kavala is stretched between the Nestos River from the east and Strimonas River from the west. Bordering the Prefecture in the north is the Prefecture of Drama and in the northwest is the Prefecture of Serres. From the south, Kavala is bordered by the Aegean Sea. Also, included in the prefecture are, the islands of Thassos and Thassopoula.
The mainland part of the Prefecture of Kavala is 1,720,000 acres and Thassos 380,000 acres. Consequently, its total area is 2,100,000 acres, which represents 1.6% of the country.

Kavala is separated into 4 Provinces:
The Province of Kavala with its capital, Kavala.
The Province of Pageo with its capital, Eleftheroupoli.
The Province of Nestos with its capital, Chrisoupoli.
The Province of Thassos with its capital, Thassos.

There are, also, 7 municipalities and 67 villages.

The annual shows , which are held in the Prefecture are:
The ELEFTHERIA in the Municipality of Kavala during the anniversary of liberation of the city.
The Sun and Stone festival in N.Karvali.
The Filippi-Thassos festival in the ancient theaters of Filippi- Thassos.
Maritime Week.

photos: D, TOUBI'S Publishes, Prefecture Kavalas